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The first and only breakaway designed for a kids rope.  Using a sidekick breakaway will advance your childs roping skill in a safe manner.  This breakaway is designed to stay firmly on place as children learn to rope.  It makes practice safer.  When a child has a successful catch the pressure will release the rope.  This is especially good if a child ropes something that they should not have roped.  For example, if a child happened to rope something big and their feet were in a coil, or if they had tied the rope to something or tied the rope to themselves, they could quite easily get themselves in a wreck.  The sidekick can help reduce the risk of an accident because the rope will break free.  Another great benefit of the sidekick is that children practicing goat roping will be able to replicate a successful catch in a timely manner.  When a child makes a successful catch the breakaway will allow them to rebuild quickly as they won't be struggling to get the rope off.  This reduction in build time creates muscle memory faster and allows for more shots per practice.  The sidekick is proudly made in the USA.


$11.50 Regular Price
$7.50Sale Price
  • BULK $9.95 QTY 100

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