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Everybody Needs a Hero

At Hero Rodeo our customers have always been our heroes.  Our innovative and creative products embrace the culture of the American Cowboy and Cowgirl.  The Hero Breakaway was our initial product and the first of its kind. The revolutionary design of the breakaway solved multiple problems that ropers faced, and ropers from across the globe responded with enthusiasm.  Our product line now includes fresh apparel and high-quality tack.  We are pleased to offer forward thinking solutions in the arena, on the farm and ranch, in the home and out on the town.  Everyone needs a Hero and our purpose is to serve ours.


Cowboy and Wild Horses

Bryon ...

Finally got to try my new breakaway honda today and I loved it. Didn't change the feel of my swing and never have to cut a perfectly good rope again. Thanks Hero.

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Best product of it's kind on the market. Excellent tool for starting and building confidence in young horses, and keeping an aged roping horse fresh and loving their job.

Cowboy on Horse


Best breakaway hondo on the market. No more cutting ropes, and are indestructible. No one can beat their lifetime warranty. Great feel and weight. Perfect for every aspect of roping

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